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First date with BEAST: 130906 (Music Bank in Istanbul)


Y o o n D u j u n ♥
J a n g H y u n s e u n g ♥
Y o n g J u n h y u n g ♥
Y a n g Y o s e o b ♥
L e e G i k w a n g ♥
S o n D o n g w o o n ♥ 
『発売 D-1!』

Beasy Japan Best D1-Yoseob

color palette - junhyung for ceci
↳ requested by anon

6th mini album


10 reasons why i love yang yoseob

his dancing. Although he isn’t one of the group’s main or lead dancers, his dancing is definitely considered up to the standards. Just like his singing (as well as everything else he does), whenever he dances you can definitely see the 1000% he constantly puts in. His moves are smooth, swift and sharp; never failing to amaze me during every performance.

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someone is a little jealous I see..

Jang Hyunseung + photoshoots

hyunseung’s love