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First date with BEAST: 130906 (Music Bank in Istanbul)


Y o o n D u j u n ♥
J a n g H y u n s e u n g ♥
Y o n g J u n h y u n g ♥
Y a n g Y o s e o b ♥
L e e G i k w a n g ♥
S o n D o n g w o o n ♥ 

Q: Which part of your body are you most confident of? 

Junhyung: Nape.


nervous Hyunseung

yoseob doing the ALS ice bucket challenge
↳ nominated trouble maker’s hyuna and hyunseung and vixx’s leo


Ice Bucket Challenge : Son Dong Woon

dongwoon’s als ice bucket challenge
- nominated infinite’s woohyun, mblaq’s mir, and apink’s naeun
Junhyung doing the ALS ice bucket challenge
↳ nominated Block B’s Zico, CRUSH and Actor Kang Haneul
Junhyung for CeCi
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